Herbal Pillow Massage

These therapeutic herbal pillows and heat packs are filled with organic flax seeds and organic or wildcrafted fragrant herbs to help soothe a wide range of ailments, including headaches, sinuses, migraines, insomnia, stress, tension, cramps, joint pain, stiffness, muscle aches, and other aches & pains. Also great for relaxing during yoga and massage therapy. May also be chilled in a freezer.
We do Not use essential oils, which could be irritating to the skin. We use dried organic herbs, which give a nice, mild, aroma-therapeutic fragrance when heated.


Headache~: Cool in Freezer for tension headaches & migraines. Warm for sinus pressure. Place on forehead.

Stressed~ : Use warm and gently apply to your neck & shoulder areas. Lie down and relax.Hard time sleeping at night? Place your herbal pillow in the microwave, heat, place on forehead or chest area and drift off to sleep.

Colds~ Flu~ Bronchitis : Use warm and apply to the chest area. Lymphoma~ Place warm pillows under your arms and ears targeting your gland areas.

T.M.J~ : Place on side of face~ targeting about the ear, glands and cranial areas.

Pre~ Postnatal ~ : warm and use to comfort.

Arthritis~ : Place warm on painful areas. Pool Side Pampering ~ After Sports~ Cool and Refresh