Herbal Facial

Everyday living brings us face-to-face with a vast variety of dirt and toxins. We need to cleanse them from our skin, and herbal facials are one of the best ways to cleanse the face and promote glowing, healthy skin. Herbs such as comfrey, elder blossoms, chamomile and rosemary will cleanse and soften skin while drawing out toxins and impurities from the pores. Comfrey rejuvenates the skin cells; chamomile promotes even skin tone and helps relieve conditions like eczema. These herbs are gentle enough to apply to the sensitive area around the eyes, yet effective enough to see tangible results.


Treats pimples and acne scars
Our scrubs and pack will help to reduce and eliminate pimples, blemishes and patches on your skin. It can also be beneficial to reduce scars and other imperfections in your skin.

Removes dryness
Since herbal packs are used for this treatment, those suffering from dry skin problems will be benefitted. The packs ensure that the dryness is taken care of and also your skin stays hydrated for a good amount of time.

Makes your skin glow
The herbal and natural ingredients ensure that your skin is well-nourished and will radiate its natural beauty. It will lighten your skin and keep it glowing.

♦Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
♦Reduces darkness and uneven complexion
♦Lightens blemishes
♦Aids deep detoxification and cleansing of skin
♦Gives instant radiance through gentle surface exfoliation
♦Cleanses clogged pores and invigorates complexion
♦Improves blood circulation and increases oxygen to skin cells
♦Reduces appearance of tiny bumps on forehead and skin.
♦Improves skin clarity