Kati Vasti

KATI VASTI is term used in AYURVEDA and this is a treatment procedure used in Ayurveda treatments for the various ailments of the lower back. It is made by two words—KATI—means the back area and the VASTI—means a pouch like arrangement. In this method special treatment is given to the back area with special medicated oils.
KATI VASTI is a significant treatment in Ayurveda and is helpful in relieving pain in the following cases and even correcting the defect permanently in many cases—

Treatment for Other Ailments

♦ Sacro-iliac joint pain
♦ Coccydynia
♦ Inter-vertebral disc prolapse (IVDP)
♦ Spodylolisthesis
♦ Spina bifida
♦ Osteoporosis
♦ Slip Disc
♦ Degenerative illnesses of the vertebrae or back bone

Janu Vasti (Knee Treatment)

This treatment involves holding warm oil over your knee and other affected areas. It is excellent for treating a range of ailments including,
Osteoarthritis of knee joint

It is the most common form of arthritis in the knee joint. In this disease, the cartilage in the knee joint gradually wears away. This leads to pain, stiffness, swelling and disturbance of movements along with click sounds when the joint is moved.

Knee injuries

♦ Runner’s knee
♦ Torn Meniscus
♦ Knee Bursitis
♦ Sprained ligaments
♦ Cartilage tears

Other Ailments

♦ Iliotibial band syndrome
♦ Osgood-Schlatter Disease